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In the 1950s, athletic footwear gained importance. At that period, athletes had a greater need for comfortable and practical footwear. The population’s obsession with fitness is to blame for this market’s astounding expansion. There are now several types of athletic shoes for the gym, jogging, walking, and both indoor and outdoor activities. Check out the top 10 sports shoe brands worldwide.

This group also falls under casual streetwear due to its adaptability. A reputable brand of athletic footwear combines fashionable designs with high caliber and performance.

See the top 10 sports shoe manufacturers from across the world.

Top 10 Sports Shoe Manufacturers

1. Nike

American company Nike was established in 1964. The ranking of the top 10 sports shoe brands is dominated by this American multinational because it is the global monarch of sports shoes. It creates, develops, produces, and sells footwear, accessories, and clothing.

Nike is a favorite among athletes and fitness enthusiasts and has been named one of the best sport shoe brands in India. There are Nike offices worldwide, spread over 45 different nations.

The brand’s shoes are well-liked because of their comfort, flexibility, and durability. Nike has a pair for every activity, from skateboarding and running to basketball and cricket.

2. Puma

Puma is a German multinational firm that was established in 1948. It offers a variety of sporty and casual clothing, accessories, and shoes. As a pioneer in the field of innovative footwear, Puma. The business has employed more than 10,000 individuals in 120 different countries.

Additionally, it was one of the first few companies to incorporate fashion and style into athletics. The sports shoe line from Puma has cutting-edge design, lightweight materials, and vibrant hues. You can choose from Puma’s selection of running, training, and football shoes.


Adidas is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world and was founded in Germany in 1949. A wide selection of clothing and accessories are available from this renowned sports shoe company. The company caters to fashion-conscious people, professional athletes, and sports lovers.

Adidas sports shoes are lightweight, durable, and come in a variety of patterns and colors. These are fashionable, practical, and comfortable. A pair from Adidas will always keep you at your best, whether you’re brisk walking on a nice morning or hiking in the worst conditions.


Reebok is an English footwear and apparel company that was started in 1958 and was purchased by Adidas in 2006. In England’s Bolton, the company was established.

The brand adds brilliant colors to even the most straightforward designs for a stunning visual delight. Adidas sold the trademark to the Authentic Brand organization this year.

5. Fila

Sports and leisure products are produced by the Italian-South Korean company Fila, which was founded in 1911. This brand offers products that are modern, practical, and opulent.

Sports sneakers from Fila combine excellent quality with reasonable prices. They are also creative and comfortable, making them suitable for both an urban man and an athlete.

6. Under Armour

Since 1996, the American company Under Armour has provided casual, athletic clothing and gear. The brand stands out due to its eco-friendly operations and creative use of fabric technologies. In the year 2006, the business began producing shoes.

You are inspired by performance solutions in the Under Armour sports shoe line. They are cutting-edge and in style to help you perform at your best.


Since 1977, the Japanese firm Asics has been making shoes and sporting goods. It is gradually moving up our list of the top sports shoe manufacturers. The company’s name is a Latin expression that translates to “a healthy soul for a healthy body.”

Asics sports shoes are the best that technology has to offer, encouraging a competitive attitude. The collection is worth the price it costs because of its strength and performance-improving features.

8. Skechers

Leading American lifestyle and athletic footwear manufacturer Skechers was established in 1992. It is the third-biggest brand of athletic footwear in the globe and the US.

Fashionable shoes with high standards for quality, creativity, and comfort are available from Skechers. They produce walking, running, and golfing shoes using cutting-edge technology. Every gender, age, and activity is intended to be covered by the brand.

9. Red tape

High fashion and lifestyle brand Red Tape was founded in 2007. It provides a wide selection of clothing and accessories. With its high standards of manufacture, this Indian sports shoe brand competes with well-known foreign brands.

The company represents unrivaled quality, expert craftsmanship, and cutting-edge goods. Red Tap shoes come in a variety of styles, from lace-ups to slip-ons, and are comfortable and casual.

10 .New Balance

An American MNC named New Balance Athletic Inc. was established in 1906. The business is renowned for creating stable and motion-controlling shoes that satisfy its clients. Brighton is where New Balance is located. These characteristics make them incredibly practical and allow one to run with assurance. The business also sells cricket bats, clothing, and other accessories for athletes in addition to sports shoes.



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